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I have had this lower back problem for years... After five months now of coming to The Backsmith: Chiropractic and Massage Clinic I feel much better and happier. I will need to keep coming in for maintenance... do my homework... I know that if I do the things Dr. Smith says I will feel lots better. Dr. Smith has been very helpful to me and I am very grateful

Heidi A. 

My time with Doc has been amazing. 6 years before starting with Doctor Smith I was in a terrible car accident... Quality of life was almost non-existent, and if I forgot to take my medications on time, it was a difficulty to just stand up and walk without almost passing out from the pain. I started to see Doctor Smith... and as time went on I started to feel better and my pain was lower than it had been previously.

3 months into treatment, I stopped taking my pain medication altogether. Now, after 5 months, I am living a completely normal life almost completely pain free. I mountain bike, swim, run, and do a myriad of other activities, pain and drug free. Since my accident, I never thought that I would attain and live the quality of life that I now enjoy.

Doctor Smith has changed my life.

Berkely J.T.S.

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